This site is a compilation of research, family traditions (oral and written), descendants, and numerous historical records of the family of Thomas Sims Graves.

The Graves Family is a distinguished line that came to Jamestown, Virginia in 1608. Captain Thomas Graves was among the early settlers of Jamestown. He was in charge of Smythe's One Hundred and was a representative to the first meeting of The House of Burgesses. (The first legislative assembly.) Captain Thomas Graves is credited with the building of several churches including Hungar's Episcopal Church on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The church may be the only church that still holds all the original lands granted by the English Crown. While several churches claim to be the oldest English church in North America few have been holding services since 1635. The building shown in the photo (in the God's Acre photo album) is the third building on this site and according to old records dates to 1742, when a pew was ordered for the new brick church known as Hungars Episcopal Church.

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