Fourth Graves Gathering !

Dec 23rd, 2018

 We are currently making plans for our Fourth Graves Family Gathering. While most of our theme is centered on the Graves Family and its various lines you do not have to be a Graves to attend. Feedback from participants in our last two gatherings has been great. I don't think anyone was disappointed in 2017 Jamestown, Eastern Shore or other areas of Virginia we visited. In 2016 we were in Bardstown KY. We had a great time in Bardstown and I think maybe we have learned a few lessons from prior trips (1) Do not plan it opening week of school, a lot of parents can't make it (2) If you want to go out visit, explore and get your shoes dirty don't do it too late in the fall the weather seldom cooperates (3) Always have a plan B our prime speaker on our previous KY trip had a health issues just weeks before our trip. I think we had almost as many people attend that were not direct Graves descendants as that were and some that just loved History and Genealogy. All are welcome we will send out updates as this progresses. So if you have been before welcome back, if not why not? We have had some great times together meeting cousins we have never met. My next update I will provide contact info about who to contact for any help you might need. Preliminary plans are to be in Bardstown KY the week of Sept 16-22 (exact days are not set as of yet.) We were treated very well by the Hampton Inn on our 2016 trip, it was ranked one of the top hotels in Bardstown and they gave us a great room rate as well as use of the dining area (when it was not in use) . We have had people come for a few hours, a single day, meet us at a spot and others come early and leave late it is entirely up to you. We try to plan a variety of events (not just vesting cemeteries or courthouses) so there is something for everyone.....Kind Regards Mike Graves      





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