Generation: Generation 2 (Children of Thomas Sims Graves)


Edward Willis Graves (2) was born about 1822 in KY, and died 6 March 1884. He married Lizzie Wells. She was born about 1831. The family was in the 1860 census of Nelson Co., KY, with the first 3 children and Edward's younger brother Benjamin. (R-1, R-202)

Children - Graves

9. Thomas Smith Graves, b. 1852, m. ------. Had children. He was called Smith in the 1860 census.

10. Anna (or Ann) Graves, b. 1855, m. J. C. Thyman.

11. Edward Wells (or Willis?) Graves, b. 1859. No children.

12. Willis Yelverton Graves married. 1 daughter.

13. Charles Lewis Graves married. 2 daughters and 1 son.


James Edgar Graves (7) was born 18 July 1834 in Woodford County, KY. and died 9 June 1913 in Laurel, Mississippi. He was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery. James left Nelson Co., KY. and while visiting relatives in Missouri, joined the Confederate Army. He served under Generals Shelby, Marmaduke, and Captain Jepata, enlisting on Jan. 6, 1861 and serving until May 8, 1864 (Missouri Infantry, Company B, State Guard). James Graves fought at the Battle of Wilson Creek in Missouri as did his first cousin Frank James. It is not known if they served in the same unit. Jesse James was still young man of about 16 or 17 at the time. James E. Graves was a wagon-master. He was captured when ordered to dump the wagons in the river while his comrades were retreating. He was taken to Gratiot Prison and later to Camp Morton in Indiana where he was exchanged for Union soldiers. He fought in the war until the south surrendered, was wounded in battle and was released from active duty at the end of the Civil War in Meridian, MS.

James soon founded a homestead not far from where he was discharged from the Confederate Army in Newton Co., MS, near Decatur. James first married Martha C. Johnson about 1870. They were listed in the 1870 census for Newton Co., MS. It is believed by the family that she died in childbirth or complications thereof. He married second, Elizabeth B. ("Lizzie") Laird (from a nearby farm) on 23 Oct. 1875. She was born 8 May 1853 in MS, died 18 July 1923 in Bernice, LA and was buried in Weldon Cemetery. Her parents were Elam Laird (b.c. 1820 in GA) and Sarah ------ (b. 1821 in GA). The family was listed in the 1870 and 1880 censuses for Newton Co., MS. The 1870 census listed children Benjamin, age 3 and William, age 4 1/2. Claude and several other children moved to Claiborne Parish, LA. Most of the family members were buried in Weldon Cemetery, Union Parish, LA near Bernice, Louisiana. James was listed in the 1900 federal census of Jones Co., MS with his name listed as George Graves. He was listed in the 1910 census of Laurel, Jones Co., MS with his wife Elizabeth Laird and his youngest son, Avery Graves. According to a Confederate Grave Registration completed by his daughter Bessie, he was born 18 July 1833 and died 9 June 1913. Ten of the 14 children of James Graves lived to adulthood. (R-1)

Children - Graves, by Martha C. Johnson

•  Benjamin Graves, b. 19 July 1867, Newton County Mississippi and died 19 July 1919 in Hico, Louisiana. Married Mary L. Busby, 22 Dec. 1895 she was born November 1874. They had two children a son, Frank Graves and an infant, Mattie Graves that died 1901.

•  P. W. Graves, b 1868

16. William A. Graves, b. Jan. 1870.

17. Mary A. Graves, b. 1872

18. Jeff Graves, b. 1874

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth B. Laird

19. Bob Graves, b. 1875

+20. Claude Ervin Graves, b. 14 Aug. 1876, m. Nancy Lenora Flurry, 15 Nov. 1901, d. 14 Aug. 1951.

21. Sarah C. Graves, b. 1880 m. Oscar Strahan.

22. Virginia Graves b. 31 October 1885 m. Marvin Tanner.

23. Bessie Graves, b. Oct 1893 (MS), m. Bernard Lawless.

24. Melton Graves, b. Oct 1889

25. Avery Graves, b. 1896.

26. Susan Graves b 1883 m. John Hurst.

27. Elizabeth Graves b. 1892 .

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