God's Acre: Family Businesses

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Graves Tavern Stand 6 miles from Lexington on the turnpike road

Sawmill on the Wm. Heavenhill Estate (Thomas Bushrod Graves)

Three Generations at the Stock Yards Graves, Nave & Company

Graves Cox Company Ad, Famous Clothing Company (still in business), Lexington, KY

Graves McClelland Company, Edward Willis Graves was a Hemp Farmer and Trader, where the Hyatt now stands, Lexington, KY

Graves, Nave and Livestock Company, Thomas Smith Graves was a founding member of the Indiana Livestock Exchange

Thomas S. Graves and George Keen owned a race horse in Lexington they lent for Stud Service

Graves/Ambrose Livery Stable owned by William Fisher Graves, Bardstown, KY

Graves Furniture Warehouse

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