God's Acre: People

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Thomas Smith Graves Son of Edward Willis Graves, Grandson of Thomas Sims Graves

Emma Sells Graves (First Wife of Thomas Smith Graves) she died saving a child from a fire, Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana

J.E. Graves, L to R top, Susan Hurst, Sarah Strahan, Virginia Tanner, Bessie Lawless, Avery, J.E., Elizabeth,Melton and Claude

Martha Caroline Johnson Graves First Wife of J.E. Graves

Elam Laird and his daughter, father in law of J.E. Graves

Jesse Woodson James (Famous Outlaw) First Cousin to J.E. Graves

Allen Parmer (Famous Outlaw) Husband of Susan James and Brother in law to Frank and Jesse James

Frank James (Famous Outlaw), brother of Jesse James, First Cousin of J.E. Graves our great grandfather

William Ambrose as a young man

William Ambrose as an old man

William Heavenhill (Famous Distiller) Family Friend of Thomas B. Graves, Bardstown, Ky.

William Jordan Graves (US House of Representatives from Kentucky) Killed Jonathan Cilley in a duel in 1838.

Billy Hudson Graves 1925-1994 US Navy WWII

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