Big News on Graves DNA Testing!! Please Read!!!

Oct 5th, 2019

 We still have a long way to go, but if you have not done DNA testing there are many Gen numbers that have few or no tests. Yes it is expensive but your individual test helps our entire group.   

Family Tree DNA runs promo's several time a year. At a minimum do a 111 marker test and if you can do the Big Y 500 and Big Y 700 (male only) that is even better.

There are at least two Geneticists that now state that "None of the DNA of the three known sons of Captain Thomas Graves match each other! " This is huge development and it might be worth reading my home page again.  I have never changed by opinion that the assumptions being made regarding the lineage of Captain Thomas Graves were incorrect.  

Francis line was eliminated (early on) as a son when his DNA did not match, but the bottom line is simply this;  short of digging up Captain Thomas Graves and getting a DNA sample we are making assumptions we cannot back up.

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