God's Acre: English Origins

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Graves Family Coat of Arms given to John Greaves Esquire, by Charles II, Inscription in Latin Superna Quaero "I Seek Heavenly Things"

Charles II of England (1660-1685), also the King of Scotland, (Bestowed the Coat of Arms on John Greaves Esquire )

Village Of Beeley (England) Home of St. Anne's Church near the Chatsworth District

Devonshire Arms Country Inn, Beeley England

St. Anne's, Beeley, England Picture of the Bell Tower

St. Anne's Beeley

St. Anne's Church (Original Part dates pre 1200 AD)

St. Anne's Church Beeley England

St. Anne's Cemetery, Beeley, England John Greaves Esq. is buried in the Bell Tower of the Church

St. Anne's Beeley, England

Tomb of John Greaves, Bell Tower, St. Anne's, Beeley England (A metal cover protects the Coat of Arms)

Tomb of John Greaves (Metal Plate that covers the Coat of Arms says C.S. Greaves 1867)

Tomb of John Greaves (the bars to the right are a heater the church installed at a later date)

Church Organ at St. Anne's

Stained Glass at St. Anne's

St. Anne's alter (under the altar lies the tomb of the wife of John Greaves Esquire)

Baptismal at St. Anne's ( Said to be even older than the church)

Yew Trees at St. Anne's (Favored by medieval acherists for making of the famous long bow, the wood arrows without a tip are poisonious)

Hilltop the old homeplace for the Greaves(Graves) Family coming up the hill, it dates pre 1200 AD

Carriage House of Hilltop

The Mansion House at Hilltop

Antique Yard Art at Hilltop


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